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Peer Review: Danielle Noble

Danielle Noble’s Blog.

I think that the final images do show the suspended against the background as mentioned but the photoshop could do with some work as some of the skin is missing.


I believe that there is some good research within the blog and have used various sources to get your information from like using youtube videos of other unrelated topics to inspire your photography practice.

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Shinjuku Incident

Before this movie had even began we were told that it contain scenes of a violent nature and that it was band from China, the reason why it was boiled down to being controversial and than that it would be come clear to us by the end. 

As said the film starred Jackie Chan (Steelhead) who is an illegal immigrant along with many others that were coming from China. On the other hand he came to Japan on a mission, a mission to find his long lost girlfriend Xiu Xiu (Xu Jinglei). Xui however gets involved with and marries a leader in a gang Mr Eguchi (Massaya Kato). The film then proceeds to be about the relationship between the gang and its denominations. This then leads to the death of most the Chinese immigrants that were helped by Steelhead, also Mr Eguchi and Steelhead himself. 

However one thing that this movie lacked was a sense of time between scenes. For example we do not know how many years have gone by except for when the characters mention things like ‘It has been many ways since I have seen you’.  Furthermore the movie contained flashbacks, which were also not very clear in places. 

When we were told it contained violence, some martial arts and Jackie Chan I thought it was going to be another intense fight scene, loads of moves and tricks on Jackie’s behalf. But in fact he 

 So why was it band? My guessing is that the Chinese do not like to show their people leaving for pastures new and their illegal immigrant side of nature. Also the fact that the historical content of invasions and wars (?) between the two countries is too much.

 All in all once you get past the minor gore and confusion of time this film is well worth seeing if you like a decent plot and to see Jackie Chan in an important yet different role to his usually movies. One thing that is worth considering though is to remember the name of the gangs and their leaders.


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