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Software Method and Changes

To view the skin slide scans given to me from the University Hospital, I had to download some FREE software called Pannoramic Viewer, available from 3Dhistech.

This software has a feature to capture the part of the specimen I am viewing, be it magnified in or magnified out. To capture the section I desired all I had to was click the camera icon in the tool bar at the top and then click save.

Pannoramic Viewer

Image Capture – 3DHistech

However the problem with this software and method was that the output size of Image Capture was not high enough for my needs and only produced images at 1410 x 744 pixels, or about 4 inches across. This was totally not useful for my needs as I plan to print A3 or bigger. Therefore if I was to print the images any bigger the image quality would decrease dramatically.

Image Capture Dimensions

Since I was advised to use this software by a technician at The University Hospital, I emailed him to see if there was an alternative method within the software or a section to edit the output sizes. Unfortunately he did not know a way to change the output sizes but suggested I used a second piece of FREE software that might work. This software is called ‘Image Scope‘ made by Aperio.

Aperio – ImageScope

To start with this software still produced images at the same output size as the first piece of software by using the same technique. However a bit of Googling and searching through the software I came across a tool that can extract certain areas of the specimen I am viewing on the screen. This meant I could scroll to zoom in and out of the specimen and see more detail and then drag the cursor over the area in which I wanted to capture. The output sizes are a lot bigger than the first method. The only downsize is using the dragging over the area method means my image sizes are going to be an odd shape and not to the same ratio format as other images. Also the output size also seems to be at 72 dpi which is not suitable for printing.

Aperio – Extraction

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