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Pro Exp: Annie Greenabelle Day 5 + 6

Day 5

A couple days previous I received an e-mail from the Annie Greenabelle team asking if I, and only I may I add, wanted to do another day shooting for them. I was more than happy to since I am now getting a long with the members. The task for this shoot was to do a couple of re shoots of some scenes the owner of Annie Greenabelle was not so keen on, as well as shooting the garments on their own against a white wall with an old white hook.
The times were pretty much the same, meet at Loughborough Station for 11:00 and started shooting around 12 once arriving on location and setting up.
The first objective was to shoot some more scenes in which the Owner, Jane, felt did not work quite as well as they could with two people using the same bike in different dresses around the same period of time. With this I agree, looking back it does look odd and something that I should of probably figured out on the day.
The day went without a hitch, I did the reshoot in the morning while the model was around and Jane then ironed out the clothes ready to be photographed after. The only issue I had with the re shoots was that I had no one to hold the reflector to get rid of the shadows on one side of the model to balance out the exposure and lift the shadows.
No real team was need or used here, just a system where Jane would iron out the creases whilst I shot the previously iron garment, which worked out fairly well.
However this day was still a long day and I did not get back till around 20:00 after leaving at 7:45am in the morning.
On a plus side this was my second paid job from my time doing work experience. I was paid £100 for the days work. However after speaking to a Lecturer who is a practionioner in the arts outside of University, he suggested that I should at least be charging £250 a day, 1 day shooting, 1 day editing, equalling to £250. He even spoke about charging £350 a day! So far for me, I can’t seem to charge those sort of prices due to my confidence to providing decent working images for the client.

Day 6

This day consisted of editing down over 400 images to 356 and then editing down the best ones from them. This time round I only sent the best ones of the garments and a selection of the re shoot location images. These garment images proved tricky to edit as the white balance for the room the garments were set was all over the place. Some came out warmer and some came out colder, so it was a challenge to get the right temperature and colour for the garments. Also cropping the images and straightening them become a slight issue, being that there were two different lines to follow in some images, one being the window frame edge and the other line on the the brick work.

To improve I think that the garments could some what be slightly warmer but, once i do that the bricks go to an off white colour and not meeting the brief of the client to have a white back drop. To overcome this issue next time though I could take a colour chart so that I can use a droplet feature in Lightroom 3 to match the colours of the garment and also a better white balancing tool to get the right temperature.

Therefore below are the images in which I shot and edited:


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Pro Exp: Annie Greenabelle Day 3 + 4

Day 1

Working for the same people we were invited back to do a further location shoot in Loughborough. However this time Fran’s boyfriend could not get the day off so we were left to get the train in. Again looking at the train line website we found that to travel from Coventry station we had to be there for the 9:06am heading for Nuneaton then switch trains to get to Leicester where we had to get another connecting train to Loughborough Station. This made is arrive at around 10:45, which suited the meeting time of 11:00am.

This time however we knew that we were going to shooting inside and so both agreed that lights will be needed for this occasion and since I can get a bus from my house to the train station we agreed that I would take them.

However finalising proceedings the night before with Fran an issue arose in the form Fran not feeling well already and therefore might not be able to make the shoot. This kind if worried me as I feel better travelling to unknown places with other people so getting lost does not feel so bad as well as thinking that out the two of us Fran is the more talkative and one who is good at posing people where as I am more technical with the lighting and settings. Also I tried booking a Nikon D700 and 70-200mm for this session and both were booked out, therefore I had to settle for a Canon 5D Mark II. This is not such a great problem for me as I am getting use to both system of cameras over my time at University, however i do prefer the look in portraits when using the 70-200mm at the 200mm end as it gives more Bokeh (blurring of the background) to the image and really makes the person stand out. This is not as affective with the Canons 24-105mm lens at 105mm. Also the Nikon lenses can go to f/2.8, unlike the Canon’s f/4, meaning that the Nikon is more adaptive in natural low light conditions.

To be prepared however I took pictures of the train times with my phone to make sure I knew what times they left Loughborough and the other various stations.

Gettin the trains to the station proved easier than first thought, so that did not get me worried or stressed, plus they all ran on time for once…

Since Fran was down ill, we ended up being a Photographer down in the end so there was a lot more to get through with only two photographers on scene. The day overall went quite well with the only issue of time again and it was a long day indeed. I did not get home till about 21:00. Another issue that I came across was the battery in the light meter went so the rest of the day I had to guess the exposures, which to be honest worked quite well.

This time it seemed that the new team to start with was Christine and I with two new models, Georgina and the shop owners Daughter, Lilly. These models were great to work with and I even gave more direction to Lilly than I usually would to models, to meet what the client wanted to see in the image. For example in the pictures where Lilly is reading the magazine on the counter, the client did not want to see the zip or some of the detail on the shoulder as these were later removed and did not yet have the updated garment. Despite this I think that there could of been more communication between Christine and I on how the set up from the team looked as well as the props used in each image. In some situations we did move items around and I did say a couple of times that the shot would not work because of the fixed items in the background. As well as this I could of done more to give better directions and spot things first time round rather than showing the client and realising or seeing it on the way home.

Day 2

The day after was spent reducing over 500 images down to the 436 to be sent over and editing the ones they wanted to use once they had sent the list over. Whilst waiting for the Greenabelle team input I started to rate the ones I liked and felt were the better ones. The owner of the shop also requested a few images of her Daughter, Lilly to be sent over so she could put them up in the shop so I then started going about editing these images ready to be sent over to the team for them to pass them over since I did not have the owners contact details. Even if the owner wanted my work on her wall then the previous day has been redeemed as a success to me.

Below are the images that the Annie Greenabelle team wanted to use and some of the ones sent over for the shop owner to see.


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Pro Exp: Annie Greenabelle Day 1+2 7/4/2011

Day 1

This all started with a forwarded e-mail from our tutor which started at Annie Greenabelle Clothing Company. The job in hand was to create some images for their new Spring/Summer collection line and place them in a catalogue. On first glance I read that the photo shoot would be on location in Loughborough. Travel has always put me off for some reason, no idea why, it just always has. However over all I am glad I took this opportunity.

The company is still relatively new and wanted to help out further University Students since their own designer recently graduated from Coventry University. Since my idea for this Professional Experience was to try many different things to make me more diverse and the travel was paid for, I decided to man up and go for it. Plus I heard that fellow Photographer Francesca Hancox was shooting this challenge before me and so I wondered if I could go help assist. Emails were then sent back and forth to confirm times and dates.

Time: as close to 9:30 we could get via train to Loughborough Station to be then transported to the location.

Location: Loughborough Station then onto a house with vast grounds.

A sample was sent over email of how they wanted the images to look, this included indoor and outdoor locations as well as a mention of a Cafe type location. Therefore me and Fran met up couple day prior to our departure to discuss the equipment we will need to take. Since we figured there were going to be various locations we took a range of items to help us cope in either situations.


  • 750w Bowens x 2
  • Beauty Dish
  • Snoot
  • D700 for me
  • 70-200mm lens for the Nikon
  • 5D Mark II for Fran
  • spare memory card
  • Spare Battery
  • my dads gold/white reflector.
  • Light meter
To get there and back we looked at train times a couple days before on The Train Line website. This meant we had to get a train before 8:00am from Coventry with the gear. However Frans boyfriend managed to get a day off and so he could give us a lift to The Unit in which they are based and we can travel with the crew from there. This meant they were now picking me from mine at around 8:30.
We also heard that there was another Student, Christine, from Nottingham Trent University coming along for the ride. Once Fran and I saw that Christine had turned up with a camera and a lens where as we turned up with lighting kits, lenses, batteries and other lighting accessories, we felt that we may have over killed it. However if we did not bring these items you could probably bet on it that we needed it.
Fran and I were the First to arrive at the unit and so we were given a quick briefing on what they wanted from us and even showed us the examples again and further catalogue they had found. Christine and the owner of Annie Greenabelle arrived and so we packed the van, got in the cars and left the Unit around 10:00am and were ready shooting between 11:00 and 11:30am. The photographing in the locations went extremely well if not a little behind on time. The models worked well together and often gave their own suggestions as well as Photographers telling the team what we felt worked and what did not work so well. Towards the end of the day to save time we split up into teams. Fran and I made one team so we could further work together and help assist whilst Christine made another. In the we did kind of over kill the equipment as the only thing that appeared useful was the gold side of the reflector to get the warm look that the team wanted.
Here are the final edited images Annie Greenabelle Requested:

As a team Fran and I worked quite well. We have worked together in the past and often share the same ideas so working together is never a disheartened moment.. Together we helped each out when reviewing images ont he back of the camera whilst the Christine was shooting. Also we took it in turns to photograph the models whilst one person held the reflector. However to improve we could of got involved more, especially me, with telling the models how to pose and what looks right through the cameras point of view as well as saying what worked and what plain did not since they had not done a proper location shoot like this before and I know I have not.

List of Contacts gained:

  • Maisie (Designer for Annie) and the rest of the team
  • Models:
    • Hannah
    • George
    • Kitty
  • Christine (If i am needed for second shooting)

Day 2

The second day of this shoot consisted of me cutting down 447 shots into a more manageable number for the team to sort through since the idea from them was to send them the images and they could tell us which ones were more worthy. However I still went through the images and edited the ones I felt worked and included these in a folder along with the others. In the end I managed to get the number number down to 395 images which was then further cut down to 173 images to be viewed by them Via Dropbox. At first the suggestion was to send the images by disk, however my idea was to send the images via Dropbox as this is a inexpensive and faster way for the client to see the images. On the other hand i feel that here I should of just sent the best of the images and not just the whole lot as I am sure it is my duty as the photographer to say this is what works this is sharper than that, the composition in this frame is stronger than the ones you have chosen.

Here is a couple that i liked but did not fit in with the style needed, plus I felt it looked better in black and white which is not much good for showing things like clothing…

The first of the two images above actually received this comment on Flickr which made my night:


Really beautiful shot. You’ve brought out the model’s good looks with a lovely high key shot. This is so professional I thought it was from a magazine.’


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