Print Size + Final Image presentation.

In thought of Gilbert and George creating images that would imprint and last in the the viewers mind, I feel that printing my images big would also have the same effect, especially to the unnatural subject being captured within the frame. Therefore in agreement with the mentors discussing that my images should be printed big to give a sense of over powerment and being, as well as going along with my intended brief I decided I will print the two images 100cm wide and the smaller one 60cm. I feel 60cm is still big enough and yet not too big that it distorts the image in anyway still giving a clear and detailed enough image.

The image below is how my images will be presented. The cut out images are printed to scale as to how they will look on the wall of the exhibition and in relation to each other. I have decided to piece the images in terms of how they are in relation to the human body. For example the the eyes are higher than the teeth so this will go on top and above them in the order. However since the skin is all over the body this piece can go anywhere in the order but will go under the teeth since the teeth need to be near the eyes to make sense of my ordering ways.

Originally I wanted to use 5-6 images, 2 x-rays, 2 skin cells, one eye and one either hair or blood cells. However since the Hair and Blood cell images did not work out to plan I decided to only use one x-ray and one skin cell. There were already one of each going into the exhibition I thought it would look odd with the majority being only one topic of print. Therefore I chose the best one to show my point and discard the others. This consequently reduced my printing costs meaning I could afford to print bigger. Also it was an understanding from the talk between Paul and Suky, my mentor, that it would be best to print bigger to explain and exaggerate my point rather than having few image the same at a small size that would mean looking into at a close distance.

My images will be without a frame. This will because frames often narrow the audience to only look in between the frame edges, creating a border. Since the Skin is the largest organ in the human body I did not think it was fitting to using a border for it as it suggests that there is a ending for skin in the real world. Therefore without a border or frame the image can look on going with no end to the form, shape or pattern that it produces. Similar with the x-rays, our bones dont just stop at one point as well not matching the rest of the prints if only a few had a frame and the others did.

The images are printed on metallic paper to really make the colours pop as well as get the high silver content the paper contains to really make the xray image seem like a real xray that is on the wall. Since the images did not need frames they did not need some form of cardboard mount or picture wire to hang them. Therefore I went with Diabond backing to mount my work to. This is a light weight and rigid backing that will hold my prints in place without the worry of sagging or warping due to temperature that comes with the use of aluminum. To attach the images to the wall I will use batten mounts. These are wooden slats attached to the mount with one piece and then lock into another piece that is attach to the wall. They run along the majority of the image and so gives the appearance that the image is floating away from the wall. Also this to stops the image from distorting since it is adding support across the image.

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