Printing size testing

Using the feedback gained from the mentors, it was apparent that my original idea of printing the images A3 was not going to do the trick and would make the series weak and not to its fullest potential. Therefore I decided to create a document containing crops of my 3 stronger images at different print sizes.

Testing Results

The 100cm prints came out a bit better than I originally thought, with the only issue being that the tissue on the right side seemed to lack definition and to me looked blurred. However this issue can be resolved in photoshop with some sharpening tools like unsharp mask.

One issue with the x-ray print was the high noise and grain value. The solution to this was to run noise reduction in Lightroom and to then also darken the blacks a little to make the noise less visible. I also sharpened the image a little to make sure the edges of the teeth were not blurred and were more defined.

My biggest issues with the eye images is the fact that these images were created with the original software at low sizes and so only given to me at 17.5cm each. Therefore I am keeping this image at 60cm to reduce the amount of quality lost. Once Paul had looked at my images he felt the eye looked slightly soft in focusing. I am not sure if this is due to the image being blown up in size or due to the machine and they way it focuses on my eye.

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