I did have a few hair samples that went under the same scanner as the other slides. However this did not work and either got stuck in the machine or just did not scan right as either the hair and oil mix was too thick. The senior technician tried to section the hair in a wax block but this still became too thick and did not work. I had to go back one day to give more samples for them to try a different tactic of leaving the hair in a solution for longer and then starting the wax block process again. However this did not work and was then told there was probably nothing more they could do since they do not really have the overall correct facilities to process hair on site and they usually send it out. Despite their best efforts there really wasn’t much more they could do and were not really willing to send the hair off to be processed due to their busy schedule and the logistics and logging that had to be for non medial analysis, which is fair enough they have helped me a great deal already.

The overall idea of the hair was to see inside of the piece of hair, right down to the outer wall of the strand and also the medulla that runs down the middle of the strand. The usage of the Medulla is still some what unclear and can sometimes not be present in some hair types.

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