Blood Cell images

Today I got the scans back of the blood slides I created some time last week. I got the idea to do blood cells from the book Zooming In which featured a section of a group of red and white blood cells. Similarly I wanted to do a different take on what Gary Schneider did when he captured a dried blood drop. Where Schneider captured a dried spot and can sort of see how the blood drop is formed and what it is made up of I wanted to get right into the blood itself and see the cells and anything else that was hidden inside.

The scans came out great,  however one thing the University Lab did not do and did not tell was that I would need a cover slip on the slides to A) Protect them in transit as well as inside the scanner and B) Keep any solution needed to achieve higher magnification. Therefore some of the slides did manage to get damaged and

With the blood images I was goign for the more patterned look across the board, showing the repetition, forms of the cells, and the general knowledge of what our blood actually contains. Furthermore since blood type varies from person to person, the positions and the amount ratio of white blood cells to red blood cells is unique to the carrier, this images becomes a personal representation of the persons whose blood it is. Similar to that of Gilbert and George as well as Mark Quinn in which the art work becomes the sitter, it becomes a living piece of work, and to that, a personal piece of work that no one else can recreate in the same way.

However to get the images this close I had to zoom right in using the software, this is as far as it will go. On the screen it says it is beyond times 20 but not sure how far it has gone. Due to this, the output sizes of the images captured are limited to 772 pixels on the longest side giving really small print sizes as a final outcome. Therefore as much as it disappoints me I can not really use this as a final image to put up on the wall since blowing the image would severely distort the image and would make it non viewable.

What to find in blood slides

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