Eye images

To get images of the back of my eyes I decided to go tot the local Specsavers in town and ask if it was possible. The store Manager told me that it would be possible, however the guy to do it was out on training and so I would have to phone back when I was ready to drop in to get it done. When I rang the next day it turned out the guy was in, but the machine was broken and unable to take images, so he said he would phone me back when the engineer had fixed the machine. A week or two passed without hearing anything. I decided to phone back and kept getting a receptionist telling me that the guy was either not working, gone home or was on training but will be in the next day. Eventually I got hold of the right person and he informed me that he had left a message for them to tell me that the machine was ready.

I decided to photograph the back of the eye after again seeing the work of Gary Schneider and listening to his interview of him mentioning photographing the retinas I decided to have a go. Also being a Photographer, the eye is an important piece of equipment to have naturally so therefore seemed fitting to try and photograph my own eye to A) see what it looks like and B) to make sure it is okay for me to keep shooting before my sight goes. Again each eye image is unique, some may have damaged areas if the eye that will show up differently on the images and would directly resemble and represent them.

I decided to stick the two eye images next to each other as this is how they would normally be seen, obviously as a pair. The black background was to make the eye pieces stand out with the deep reds and just a default background for me to use. I feel that with a white background the images might merge in with the background. Also with the metallic paper the black will reflect the viewer and some what simulate the eye exam where they look real close with a light and you see all the veins appear in front of you, brining association and a level of feeling apart of the piece into the audience.

To take the images I had to put my head in a support frame and then was told to look at a light in various directions. The camera itself is a normal Canon 5D Mark II strapped to the back of this fancy Nidek Machine.

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