Paper Testing

My original idea was to use Kodak Metallic paper to simulate the 3D appeal of cells and tissues as well enchance the shapes forms within.

However discussing with Paul Smith about the paper types and final printing he sugguested some of the colour might be lost. Considering at least the skin cell images hold a lot of colour because of the staining, this lose of colour could be an issue and could take away the vibrance to my images.

Therefore I decided to do 10×8 inch test prints from The Print Space. One image would be of the cells and contain lots of colour, white and an area of which looks 3D and jumping out of the picture already. The second Image will be of a black an white x-ray.

The aim is to see the final colour output as well as over all quality across the board of colour and monochrome images.

To do the test prints I downloaded the Colour Profiles from their website and converted the images to the Kodak Metallic Profile within photoshop. A video explaining how to use the colour profiles from The Print Space can be found below.

Overall Cost: £12.30 x 2 = £24.60 (Actually came to around £20 after taking away one delivery charge)

Skin Cell/Tissue cost

X-Ray Cost

Below are the images in their Metallic Profile. The test prints are yet to come.


After ordering the test prints on Friday (i forgot to bring an image to check on the screen Wednesday) I got my prints today, Tuesday 24th April. The prints themselves have a slightly glossy shine to them and a silvery look to them in a certain light and angle, which is more noticeable in the white spaces. The colours are still very bright and vivid, but just look a darker shade to me, although again this depends on what angle of light you are looking at the images from. However one downside to this paper is that it seems quite reflective especially in the darker areas. Hopefully to overcome this the darker images could be place higher up to not reflect the person viewing the image.

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