Blood cell procedure

To go through the procedure of seeing the blood cells within me, I went to the Microbilogy department at Coventry University.

According to the booklet I was given the procedure of seeing the blood cells is a basic first year one. The whole process should only take a bout half an hour to get the specimens ready. To save time a technician made the stain (Giemsa) as she knew the solutions and measurements need to make the final product.

Equipment needed was a few slides, throughout science experiments you always make a few specimens incase of mistakes, spreading slide, a pencil to label the slides, anti-sceptic wipes, sot click lance, a peppetite, and lastely my Blood! I have kept a third slide separate to see if it can be scanned at the research area of the University Hospital. Since the technician said he might be able to stain it, I kept this slide unstained incase it was a different staining solution than the one used in the Microbiology Labs at the University.

Below is the soft click lance and an ant-sceptic wipe for afterwards to clean the pin hole wound.

The final result should be a thin layer of blood cells across the slide. The the layer is too think then the cells will over lap.

The next stage is to cover the slides in methanol and then Giemsa (Stainer). this stain will then bring up the cells up and have more contrast to the images.

The Slides are then ready to go under the microscope once the Stain has been washed off and the slides are dry.


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