Resolution Testing

As mentioned in the Software Change post I was having trouble seeing if the resolution would be high enough to produce good quality prints. Therefore I decided to set up some final images to see if I could get the right resolution of 300 needed, and to see if the images basically looked good enough to put up as final images.

Therefore I headed over to the Univeristy print Beuro to have some test prints produced. These images were sized at the longest length of A3 and were matched to the resolution to 300. One image came in under the 300 at 276 DPI, therefore I still pushed it to 300 and at the A3 size to see if the minor gap made much difference. The majority of images came in over the 300 limit. Consequently these images will be exported through Lightroom to the resolution of 300 at the right sizes.

First of I managed to only have the short side of A3 measurements in my head, 297mm so i set the images to this size rather than the longest. This was too short and so I changed the sizes to the longest side of 420mm and reprinted one of the images.

The below image was one of the images that came in over the 300 DPI and resized to 420mm on the longest side.

Overall I was still surprised at how the images turned out and how much detail they could hold. Therefore I think it would be fine to print the images at the A3 size to show all of the detail.

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