Progress So far

So far I have visited the Coventry University Biology labs to see about using their facilities to capture the images required. However this was as a backup plan since their camera in the testing phase was not exactly up to spec with high quality prints. Therefore I contacted local universities such as Birmingham and Warwick. Initially I emailed technicians and Senior Lectures from relevant Biology departments. Despite my efforts only Warwick University got back to me and that was to say that they were moving buildings and then catching up on research so would not have time to help me develop my project. Since my email from Birmingham University was not fruitful I decided to change tactics and ring the offices using numbers found on their research websites. This again was unfruitful. I explained my project to the Dr and senior lecturer of the department who gave me some advice on how I could go about my project but said that he could not let go forward with the project in their laboratories due to ethical issues of staining my own cells within their labs as well as using their equipment.

Furthermore, I now knew that ringing was the way forward to bother these people and getting an answer straight away.

Another tactic I decided to deploy was to again look locally but this time at hospitals. The University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) is a 5-10 minute walk through some fields opposite my house, and with having 4 relatives, 3 friends working over there (two having experience in taking blood) I figured I had some leverage to gain access to at least talk to someone. I asked a friend if the blood taken within the Hospital is examined ‘in-house’ or is sent away. I asked the question through the use of Social Media and Facebook, which gained a response from a different friend who worked their. He said he could email the head of pathology department with details of my project and see if I could go visit to explain more and possible take it further. However again this did not work. Taking matters in my own hands I found telephone numbers from the website to the UHCW Research department. This worked and I had booked a meeting for tomorrow.

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