X-ray Finals

These images are the results of testing 3 methods of trying to capture and digitalise the awkward shapes of the ‘negatives’ given to me from my Orthodontics. To obtain these ‘negatives’ from the Orthodontics, I first asked a Hygienist Nurse friend of mine if it was possible to borrow them. She said it was possible as long as they were taken for a medical reason in the first place as they would not take images for the sake of an art course, and that I might have to pay to borrow them. I thought this was fair enough and so with this in mind and my wallet, I headed over to my Orthodontics. I approached the receptionist and asked if it was possible to borrow them and explained my project. She was unsure and so asked a senior receptionist who was more in a negative way of thinking I would not be able to. In the end the surgery manager was involved and she said it would be possible to borrow them since I did not require to keep them. However she stressed that they do not usually allow the x-rays out of the surgery back to the patients since the ‘negatives’ do not even belong to them nor me but to the NHS for documentation and ID-ing purposes. But first of all my file from 2007 had to be archived downstairs for them to be able to get them out, if they were not there then they would be stored in the loft where the surgery owner was the only one allowed for insurance purposes. It was pointed out to me that he would not be pleased about going up there.

In the end the ‘negatives’ were still archived downstairs and for me to keep them I had to sign a document saying a date the ‘negatives’ would be returned by hand and that I would not damage them in anyway with liquids or light.

Overall I am pleased with how these images have turned out with the amount of detail in the root part of the teeth as well as the different areas of the skull that have shown up. To print these big would be great and to shock the the audience with the sheer size presented to them to maximise the amount of detail you can see.

I decided to leave the scale in the top right hand corner of the side on image to give the viewer more information about me and to make it more personal.


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