Mark Quinn – ‘Self’

Mark Quinn created the ‘self’ project using blood from his own body frozen in a mold of his own head. Quinn made the first head in 1991 and plans to make one every 5 years to document his own age and transformation of deterioration. Therefore his pieces are a close representation of his identity over the next few years in which he is creating the ‘blood heads’ and in doing so he wanted to push the extremes of the portraiture world. Similar to the work of Gilbert and George the artist became the living art work. For this piece of art to work the blood head has to be kept in a special plinth built for it. the head on top and the freezer and cooling components below. As Saatchi will know, the plinth is best to be left plugged in… This notion of the work having to stay in this state give the piece two dimensions. One obviously being the frozen state and the other being that it could turn to a liquid if it is left switched off.

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National Portrait Gallery – Marc Quinn. 2012. National Portrait Gallery – Marc Quinn. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 March 2012].

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