Nick Veasey – Exposing the Invisible

‘I travel beyond the surface and show something for what it’s worth, what it’s really made of, how it really works’ – Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey does not use conventional methods to capture images. He uses x-ray format to see deep into the plants, human skeletons and other objects to see how they work. This is the kind of thing I am looking for in my project. To create portraits using items we do not tend to see. Bones and other tendons beneath the skin is something which we do not always associate with portraiture, unless the subject is dead and is part of the documentary photography genre.

Nick also likes to show the workings of the items he photographs. With clothing he would like to show the layers and stitching produced to pull the garment together. In humans it would be what pieces us together, what makes us stand, walk and bend. In one section of the video Veasey talks about seeing the cells within the plant structure he is creating. This is close to my level of work again. Similarly I to want to show the workings and inner beings of the human body by showing what goes on beneath us. He does this in a contemporary way by presenting the ‘models’ in life like day-to-day situations we are all familiar with. This makes the audience more connected to the piece since the association of their normal, daily lives is presented in front of them.

However I am going to have to find another way in which to do so, as it would be a challenge to find a ‘model’ in which to x-ray. However I can try and get access to some Orthodontic x-rays that I had taken in 2007 as part of a treatment. These x-rays would show the inner work of the tooth structure and create a real shocking abstract piece.

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