Pro Exp: Written Presentation

Pro Exp Presentation


For my work experience journey I decided to do various different areas and tasks within Photography, instead of doing a placement with a Photographer. Therefore I took on many roles for this module, this meant being a mentor for the Photography years as well as a working Photographer for clients and even the University. The idea behind this is that when I start doing this as a real profession and as a full time job, I do not want to be homed in as someone only shoots certain things like only a wedding photographer or a band photographer as doing more than one will make me more diverse and adaptive.

The mentoring side is to see what it is like to be a teacher in Photography incase this is another avenue I could go down once graduated.

During this time of work experience I always knew I had a decent sense of technical ability of settings to use and how to adjust the lights to make the Photograph work well and crate right atmosphere. However I found that I had no real sense of practice to put these skills and abilities into use. Therefore when I chose the work to do for clients I first assessed how it was going to benefit me in the long run and how much it will test me. The best one to show this is the work I did for Annie Greenabelle and their catalogue as this both tested me with using lights in an inside and location based environment (non studio based) as well as testing my confidence with the skills I know and learnt throughout out photography by using my camera in Manual mode all the way throughout the shoot. As the client really liked my images produced from the shoots I did with them I redeem this as a success and my confidence in my knowledge has somewhat grown. Contact wise my path had not been altered too much since only one of the models I used had teamed up with another client and had possible mentioned my name to work with. To work with this team would help my cases since I now had created a repeat user and a repeated contact, which has brought more work my way.

Throughout the module I have been given insights to the life of a photographer by actually doing some of the work myself and not following other photographers. This gave me the benefit of seeing a project or shoot go through all stages, start to post production and being sent to the client. From this I have seen what its like as an actual career and as posed as an insight into my future life if I choose to take this career path. Having done this I feel that I can look forward to the life of a photographer, okay I have not had loads of work come direct to me, which is all part of photography, there will be some dry spells but in these dry spells I will try and do something similar to this module and produce my own trials and projects to further keep my ideas spinning in my head, test my self with newer and bigger shoots that push me to the limits in organisation as well as ability to juggle many settings and exposures. On the other hand I feel that all intention from my plans have been met, I managed to mentor and teach 6th formers new ways of working as well as new techniques such as producing negatives from digital prints, managing their sketchbooks and showing them new artists to learn about. Since this is another issue that went to plan mentoring and teaching is definitely on the cards for future reference in participating or looking at teaching course or experiences which could send me down a different career path altogether.

By doing this experience module it has made me realise that I really need to talk more towards any model that I am shooting, be in conversational of general chit chat to make the model feel at ease or to give them simple directions to improve the photographs outcome. For example during the photo shoot I did with Andrew Gordon, I was even quiet than normal and letting him get on with the poses himself and I would just stop and adjust the light with no real communication for him to pose to match the style of lighting. Therefore in my next steps I will try and gain more experience in trying to talk more to the client or to the model in how they want them to look and how I think they should pose to match the style and lighting, as well as advising the client of my decision to do so. This will benefit me in the future as it will give me a better connection between people and if I have a better knowledge, understanding and connection with models and clients then they will keep coming back to me for work increase my pay obviously and give me great support for testimonies and further business if these clients decide to spread the word about my work and I. I have also learnt so much in terms of new editing processes in both Photoshop and in Video editing.

Overall I think that my experience in working as a photographer and as a mentor has worked out well. At first I was thinking that I would be able to produce good quality images and meet the standards of any clients that I had produced. However every client I had worked with was really pleased with the images I had produced and in some cases even kept me on to work further with then and decide to pay me for my services. On the other hand getting paid the right amount for my services is another area that I need to improve on since I only got paid twice during my time and from talking to lecturers about this, proved even those amounts were not enough to make a viable business. Therefore I may organize future talks with lectures about working rates and how they charge their clients. Also the mentoring side of things went well, although it seems university students tended to listen to my advice more than the 6th formers that I worked with, maybe this is due to the experience of me going through the first year of university so they trust me or not. In the future I think I should invest in a form of diary to right down when things are due and what needs to be done for when since forgetting schedule and when things are meant to be done by, particularly items for Matt, were a little behind time. Also this may help to see what work I have and what can be done when.

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