Pro Exp: Annie Greenabelle Day 5 + 6

Day 5

A couple days previous I received an e-mail from the Annie Greenabelle team asking if I, and only I may I add, wanted to do another day shooting for them. I was more than happy to since I am now getting a long with the members. The task for this shoot was to do a couple of re shoots of some scenes the owner of Annie Greenabelle was not so keen on, as well as shooting the garments on their own against a white wall with an old white hook.
The times were pretty much the same, meet at Loughborough Station for 11:00 and started shooting around 12 once arriving on location and setting up.
The first objective was to shoot some more scenes in which the Owner, Jane, felt did not work quite as well as they could with two people using the same bike in different dresses around the same period of time. With this I agree, looking back it does look odd and something that I should of probably figured out on the day.
The day went without a hitch, I did the reshoot in the morning while the model was around and Jane then ironed out the clothes ready to be photographed after. The only issue I had with the re shoots was that I had no one to hold the reflector to get rid of the shadows on one side of the model to balance out the exposure and lift the shadows.
No real team was need or used here, just a system where Jane would iron out the creases whilst I shot the previously iron garment, which worked out fairly well.
However this day was still a long day and I did not get back till around 20:00 after leaving at 7:45am in the morning.
On a plus side this was my second paid job from my time doing work experience. I was paid £100 for the days work. However after speaking to a Lecturer who is a practionioner in the arts outside of University, he suggested that I should at least be charging £250 a day, 1 day shooting, 1 day editing, equalling to £250. He even spoke about charging £350 a day! So far for me, I can’t seem to charge those sort of prices due to my confidence to providing decent working images for the client.

Day 6

This day consisted of editing down over 400 images to 356 and then editing down the best ones from them. This time round I only sent the best ones of the garments and a selection of the re shoot location images. These garment images proved tricky to edit as the white balance for the room the garments were set was all over the place. Some came out warmer and some came out colder, so it was a challenge to get the right temperature and colour for the garments. Also cropping the images and straightening them become a slight issue, being that there were two different lines to follow in some images, one being the window frame edge and the other line on the the brick work.

To improve I think that the garments could some what be slightly warmer but, once i do that the bricks go to an off white colour and not meeting the brief of the client to have a white back drop. To overcome this issue next time though I could take a colour chart so that I can use a droplet feature in Lightroom 3 to match the colours of the garment and also a better white balancing tool to get the right temperature.

Therefore below are the images in which I shot and edited:


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