Pro Exp: Annie Greenabelle Day 3 + 4

Day 1

Working for the same people we were invited back to do a further location shoot in Loughborough. However this time Fran’s boyfriend could not get the day off so we were left to get the train in. Again looking at the train line website we found that to travel from Coventry station we had to be there for the 9:06am heading for Nuneaton then switch trains to get to Leicester where we had to get another connecting train to Loughborough Station. This made is arrive at around 10:45, which suited the meeting time of 11:00am.

This time however we knew that we were going to shooting inside and so both agreed that lights will be needed for this occasion and since I can get a bus from my house to the train station we agreed that I would take them.

However finalising proceedings the night before with Fran an issue arose in the form Fran not feeling well already and therefore might not be able to make the shoot. This kind if worried me as I feel better travelling to unknown places with other people so getting lost does not feel so bad as well as thinking that out the two of us Fran is the more talkative and one who is good at posing people where as I am more technical with the lighting and settings. Also I tried booking a Nikon D700 and 70-200mm for this session and both were booked out, therefore I had to settle for a Canon 5D Mark II. This is not such a great problem for me as I am getting use to both system of cameras over my time at University, however i do prefer the look in portraits when using the 70-200mm at the 200mm end as it gives more Bokeh (blurring of the background) to the image and really makes the person stand out. This is not as affective with the Canons 24-105mm lens at 105mm. Also the Nikon lenses can go to f/2.8, unlike the Canon’s f/4, meaning that the Nikon is more adaptive in natural low light conditions.

To be prepared however I took pictures of the train times with my phone to make sure I knew what times they left Loughborough and the other various stations.

Gettin the trains to the station proved easier than first thought, so that did not get me worried or stressed, plus they all ran on time for once…

Since Fran was down ill, we ended up being a Photographer down in the end so there was a lot more to get through with only two photographers on scene. The day overall went quite well with the only issue of time again and it was a long day indeed. I did not get home till about 21:00. Another issue that I came across was the battery in the light meter went so the rest of the day I had to guess the exposures, which to be honest worked quite well.

This time it seemed that the new team to start with was Christine and I with two new models, Georgina and the shop owners Daughter, Lilly. These models were great to work with and I even gave more direction to Lilly than I usually would to models, to meet what the client wanted to see in the image. For example in the pictures where Lilly is reading the magazine on the counter, the client did not want to see the zip or some of the detail on the shoulder as these were later removed and did not yet have the updated garment. Despite this I think that there could of been more communication between Christine and I on how the set up from the team looked as well as the props used in each image. In some situations we did move items around and I did say a couple of times that the shot would not work because of the fixed items in the background. As well as this I could of done more to give better directions and spot things first time round rather than showing the client and realising or seeing it on the way home.

Day 2

The day after was spent reducing over 500 images down to the 436 to be sent over and editing the ones they wanted to use once they had sent the list over. Whilst waiting for the Greenabelle team input I started to rate the ones I liked and felt were the better ones. The owner of the shop also requested a few images of her Daughter, Lilly to be sent over so she could put them up in the shop so I then started going about editing these images ready to be sent over to the team for them to pass them over since I did not have the owners contact details. Even if the owner wanted my work on her wall then the previous day has been redeemed as a success to me.

Below are the images that the Annie Greenabelle team wanted to use and some of the ones sent over for the shop owner to see.


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