Pro Exp: Clothes Show Live NEC 2010 Days 1-4

In the first term there arose an opportunity to work with the Fashion Students at Coventry University. What they needed was a document of the event and a few shoots at the stand for them and for the crowd to be drawn over to the stall. Previously we had worked with the fashion students to make posters that would then be handed out to people thinking about studying the course or into photography themselves.

Day 1

I was told to arrive at the NEC hall at 10:00am on the Saturday. This meant that getting to the station at around 9:15am. The journey in itself only takes 10-15 minutes by train but with transferring heavy lighting and camera equipment then the walking between the car park and from Birmingham International to the NEC Hall could take longer than normal. Also the trains to Birmingham are usually delayed in the case of this day, it was. after helping to set up the stand and after collecting my passes I started to shoot around 11:00am and started with the College and University shows. The dress this group was showing off was not featured in the show as the model was wearing it (You can see in the pictures below)

In the end I feel I may of been side tracked by the big show and flashing lights and was more into shooting the main show than the students, opps. This is something to bare for next time, STAY FOCUSED.

Day 2

Todays group had one of their dresses featured in the Student Cat Walk. I tried to get there earlier and earlier each time and even shot some on the first day but some one else’s head was always in the way blocking the feet which disturbed the images. Eventually after hanging around for half an hour and staying for two previous shows, with various musical chairs, I managed to grab a spot at the front.

Day 3

On this day I met up with fellow Photographer student Larissa Grace and if it had been for some car trouble, Nathan Allen. We all had Photo passes so we managed to get in to all the shows that day too. The idea of this day was to concentrate on the main show and gaining more experience with getting the settings right.

Day 4

After Day 1 I had over 1500, day 2 I had around 750 images and at the end of Day 3 I had over 800 images. Overall after cutting each set down I had over 2700 images to go through and edit further. Below is some of the images

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Videos I took of the Event as well.

What I learnt from the last 3 days of shooting the event is that you still need to have to get to the press area of the show stands way before the show has even started to get a decent spot to Photograph from. What I also learnt from the last few days was to quickly change settings and getting use to keep my eye on the event to make sure that I got the best image possible. As well as this I learnt to predict where the models would walk to and pose so that I was always prepared to shoot when they stopped.

Overall I throughly enjoyed the 3 days at the show and will consider going back in 2011 to gain more experience from the show.

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