CW1: Final 4 Images/Website

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These four will be my final pieces for the project. As well as presenting them online at as originally planned I will be printing them out A3 size to give a clear indication as to how these would look once on display.

The reason I picked these images as my final four pieces is that i believe that these are the best from each shoot and all represent the modern ideas in the set proposal. Each have an upto date contemporary look by either using new lighting styles, make up or by the use of locations and modern thinking from someone who has grown up without the knowledge of things from the past.

They are set in black and white to give some reference to the period of time in which they are influenced from. This also highlights the details and show off the lighting more easily without any colours taking the viewers eye away fromt he main action.


However the images came back from the Print shop with a white border and file names still left on. This is an issue with presentation but seeing as it is a guide as to how they would be shown then it should be okay.

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