CW1 Fashion Shoot: Shoot #4

I was looking for another location to shoot my 1940’s in and Ria mentioned that Bayley’s bar would be a great periodic place to shoot in and it was not too far away. With some of these Images I was aiming for a more relaxed and natural facial and posing direction like I had seen in the research books of Unseen Vogue and other artist Photograph Books. therefore I attempted to do a more candid style shoot for some of the images to gain this natural look. This is why I used the softbox and wall at the edges of the frame to make it look as though I was looking at the model through gaps and so she couldn’t tell that I was looking at her.

With the other images I got the model to pose in certain areas to get details of the bar and other areas so you would tell what the location was similar to the work of artists previous.


In the end I am happy with these images although next time I would have the exposure turned down a stop as the power sees to be too bright and taking out the detail in highlights and used more feminine poses.

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