CW1 Inspiration: Melissa Rodwell and Zach Arias

Melissa Rodwell

With Melissa Rodwell’s image above inspired me by trying to use lighting on one side and using the space on the left. The lighting gives the model form and a shape. Also some 1940’s photographers have used shadows across the person to show the shape of the model to bring back feminism.

Zach Arias

Zach Arias

To try something different and new to my images I want to try a mixture of the above images in a studio. The reason for choosing the studio over location for these type of images is that I can control the light more easily for these situations and also easier to hide the tripods that will hold the studio lights to create the starburst of light. The idea of the starburst will bring the 1940’s style into the modern times as it will act like modern paparazzi flash guns going off.

Further more some of the photographers I looked at previously have used a studio to create the images. Therefore I want to try a studio shoot to gain the diversity and range of the photographers I have research. This will give me two different types of images to work with and pursue if necessary.

The video is well worth a watch in itself.

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