Pro Exp: Graphics Shoot

I was contacted by a graphics student a few days before this session took place enquiring about me doing a photograph to go on an anti-smoking poster. Since her deadline was fairly tight and the studio bookings were mostly full we had to do the shoot on the Friday morning before either of us had a lecture at 10:30. This meant that the session had to be very quick since the studio was only open from 8:45am that day. Also since she did no have access to the studio or any camera equipment available from the university she needed the assistance of the photographer. I had previously shot her model for the fashion students so I’m guessing this is how I managed to receive this job

We decided to meet first thing in the reception of Ellen Terry to give the best advantage of the time we had. However die to traffic the student and model were late, but only by around 15 minutes and managed to message me to warn me.

The idea of the shoot was to have the model on one side looking as though she is stamping on the cigarette. The student also sent over some examples of work she had previously seen.



This reminded me of the Fashion Photographer Melissa Rodwell that i had been studying and so I knew exactly how to light it with the the almost hatchet type lighting.

The shoot went well and I constantly showed the client the images on the back of my camera to see if i was getting close to what she wanted. Since I only took around 300 shots and some of them were test shots I am guessing i got the results in quick succession with various poses and shapes pulled by the model.

Since the Client was a Graphic designer she needed to edit the images herself and add the final separate images of the cigarette and some text around to make it a fully pledge poster. Therefore I have not yet seen the final images but have asked if she can hand it over. Furthermore looking back I should of asked where the images are going to be used and if i will get some credit next to or on the image in the small print. I would benefit from the credit if the work goes public. To be honest I should of mentioned it in the agreement over the messages previous that I should have photo credits, but this is experience and I have now learnt from it and should include it in the next publication of images I do for anyone.

Here are the ones in which I found the best from my point of view:

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