CW1 Fashion Task: The Shoot

Model/MUA: Rebecca Allsop

Clothes: Amber Davies

These images are the result of a Fashion Shoot collaborated between Students from our Photography Course and those Studying Fashion.

Things that did not go so well:

One of the challenging parts to this task we found, was the ability to find a time that suited all students, since we were negotiating with three different time tables (The model, the fashion student and obviously, the photographers).

As the deadline loomed over us, it seemed as though we did not have a model to work with. By the second meeting we were told we had a model, but was told nothing else. Eventually we caught wind that the person organising the model wanted to do different days of shooting to allow time for scanning and editing the film. This then left us bemused as to whether she was still working for us or not.

Despite booking the room just to be sure we had the location on our side, there was a possibility of being kicked out by someone pulling the Lecturer trumps Student card…

Things that went well:

At the end of the day we still managed to get a model, a location and various back up ones. We also managed to get the right kit as we booked ahead in advance just to be sure. Further more we all managed to turn up on time and manage to stick to a schedule.

  1. #1 by nathanallen1 on November 2, 2010 - 7:13 am

    Strong set of images, my favourite is DSC4110. Great model and lighting.

  2. #2 by Harpreet Khara on November 5, 2010 - 10:51 pm

    Nice set of images Craig. Some of the best fashion shots so far. Liking 4126, the model has powerful eyes that pierce. Few minor things i’d fix, there is one photo with no shoes.. 4110? I’m not sure that works without them for me personally. Also a bit of nail polish wouldn’t have gone amiss, as there is so much colour elsewhere.

    More importantly, you’ve done what a lot of photographers find difficult, and that is built a working rapport with the model in a short time. It shows.

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