1st time model in a studio…

Today I managed to find a small sort of tutorial session type event. Well more here is a light set up and a model, call us if you need help… At first all a bit daunting for me, shy, quiet and now I have a model in front of me that I can direct and tell what to do…

The Studio

The better shots

The lights were set up with:

  • A main light, above and front of the model
  • Grid light camera left, aimed at the waist
  • Another grided light high and behind the model
  • Yet another grided light above camera right
  • Red gel from camera right aimed at the background and model…

One of the problems with the above image is the fact that the hat causes a shadow from the light above. Solution, add reflectors to bounce the light back under the hat to light up the eyes, or remove the damn hat…

Not liking the hat it soon went, and so did a few buttons with a wind blower added for good measure.

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