Inspiration – iRobot

At the time of this movie release I was pretty sure that I wanted to go in to some sort of Design career.

This car then became an inspiration as to what the cars of the future could indeed look like and could later influenced my ideas as what to include or think about when designing vehicles. For example the covered wheel arches and interior design were all striking and futuristic to me. Plus the concepts were more realistic I feel in this film rather than the totally futuristic vehicles and concepts seen in some films like the taxis in Total Recall.

Another interesting vehicle that appealed to me in this film was the Transportation Vehicle that moved the robots from the factory to the streets. This in itself was loaded with technology. It seemed to drive itself and had big metal balls in each corner turning it around. Very Futuristic and neat if you ask me.

Furthermore the shape or aesthetic of the transportation vehicle was very appealing and striking to me and may inspire me to draw up my own version and tweak it to appeal to my uses, such as a newer version of the GMC PAD

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