14/11/09 – Fishbone Gallery

Asha Bantan

To start with I was unable to attend the first talk, which I think was held by the Photographer Kate Rossin, so I decided to attended the talk by the subject himself, Asha Bantan.

Asha Bantan collects “genuine African artworks and European objects with Africa and African people as their theme”. He does this by saving up and going out to Africa to look and buy the pieces or gives others the money to find things if they are heading out that way. Heres an extract from the website:

The images of him were separated over two walls. On one side of the room were the pictures of him surround by his on going collection (Similar to the image above). Whereas on the other side were the portraits of him talking, smiling and laughing against a red background.

One piece of Philosophy I got out of this talk, that I remember was that we should atleast try and accomplish something before the day is over. This is something that I try and remind myself of each day.

Fishbone Exhibitions
Photographer-Kate Rossin

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