My John Hilliard

For an A2 project we had to deal with photomontages, I found one example by John Hilliard. This then inspired me to do my own version.

For john Hilliards work I believe that he used a slow shutter speed on the left on a tripod to capture the movement of the flowing waterfall and a panning motion on the right to match the speed of the water. Either way he captures the motion and speed fairly well and put them together to give two versions of one image, that would not normally be seen in one image, making an interesting picture of its own but also probably something that wasn’t seen in and around of the time. Therefore as said, this inspired me to take me own version, although with my own twist on the idea.

Here it is:


With my version I used the left hand side to capture the detail in the rocks and ice plus show the motion of the waterfall like Hilliard did. Although with the right hand side, instead of the panning technique I used a faster shutter speed to capture more detail in the water itself. I am not that skilled at photoshop so to mix the two together I just put them on top of each other so they roughly matched and then deleted one half of the picture and obviously merged them into one and converted to black and white.

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